Team Parkinson Returns to San Francisco

Team Parkinson got together in San Francisco last weekend for our annual participation in the San Francisco Marathon.  We had a marvelous pre-race dinner with great friends and wonderful spirit. Carol Walton, CEO of The Parkinson Alliance (our parent organization) and Julie Wood of Adamas Pharmaceuticals each spoke briefly about advances being made in Parkinson’s treatment, and we feasted on the dinner put together by Ferdinando and his team at the South Beach Cafe.  Race day proved to be cool and beautiful, and many individual goals were achieved.

I finished in 2:56, just about a minute per mile slower than last year.  It put me 15th out of 25 in my age group and I can live with that.  

Mark went on to finish the full marathon in 5:30 and Doug and Mimi finished their second-half marathons in 2:29 and 2:44.  Other Team Parkinson marathon finishers included: Sarbari Mukherjee in 5:05 and Gregg Riehl in 6:17.  Gregg, who runs after DBS surgery, said it was the most difficult of the four marathons he has run and he will need to train better next time.  I think that’s true for all of us, no matter what the distance.  In the half-marathon, Frank Markowitz finished the second half at 1:59 (good job!), and Larissa Felt in 2:48.

After gathering for their group photo on Sunday morning, Edna, Carol and the rest of the Team Parkinson 5k runners and walkers set off on a cool and comfortable trip up and back along the Embarcadero.   All team members finished in good shape.  Our special thanks go to Team 8 and Team Adamas, who were both well represented in the 5K.

John Ball