King Award Will be Presented to Team "For the Love of LuLu" at the 15th Annual CC5K

Hutch Collins, Jack Collins, Charlie White, and Reed White Team "For the Love of LuLu" at the 2013 CC5K

August 5, 2014– Each year at the Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run (CC5K), the King Award, created in memory of Joseph G. Fennelly, a generous philanthropist and long term volunteer of The Parkinson Alliance, is presented in recognition of a sponsor or group’s dedication and commitment to the Parkinson’s community. The recipient of the 2014 King Award is “For the Love of LuLu,” a team that has participated in the Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run for the past 14 years.

After Linda “LuLu” Hoff was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, her family was looking for a way to support the Parkinson’s community that would include all of their family and they learned about the CC5K. The White and Collins families have been participating in the race in support of LuLu since 2001. It started with their immediate families and has grown to include extended family members and friends. Most of their children’s first CC5K experiences were in strollers. As each turned 4 or 5, they began to run on their own. Now that the boys are older, they are finishing ahead of their parents and often placing in their age group. 

“The CC5K has been a family tradition for us since we started running in the event 14 years ago. The event represents our commitment to seeing a cure for Parkinson’s disease in our lifetime as well as our love and support for LuLu.”

Harper and Dan Collins





The Parkinson Alliance is grateful to “For the Love of LuLu” for their ongoing support throughout the years, raising funds for research and awareness of Parkinson’s disease. By involving their children so early on, they have taught them the importance of getting involved and that each person makes a difference.