2002 Carnegie Center 5K & Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance


DSCN6371-Jerry presenting check
Race Director, Jerry Fennelly (right), presents Bill Beatty,
Chief Financial Officer from the Todd M. Beamer
Foundation, with a $8,500 check.

Runners begin lining up
DSCN6381-more racers
Waiting to begin
DSCN6382-race begins
The race begins!
DSCN6384-off they go
Off they go ...
DSCN6385-and continue to run
and continue to go
DSCN6387-1st place winner
Rich Bostwick is the clear winner.
DSCN6393-1st female
Jessica Aisenbrey is the first female over the final line.
DSCN6415-1st place winner gets award
Jerry Fennelly (left) presents Rich Bostwick
with his 1st place award.
DSCN6420-Jessica with award
A happy Jessica Aisenbrey holds her award.