Chassis for Charity Helping With Research to Find a cure for Parkinson


Cheetah Chassis Corporation has long recognized the importance of the Tuchman Foundation's significant efforts in the area of Parkinson's Disease Research funding. The foundation's example, as well as our own strong desire to assist local and national non-profit organizations served as impetus for the creation of our "Chassis for Charity" program.

The "Chassis for Charity" program was made possible by both the support of 80% of our Cheetah Team Members who donated their time and skill after a 10 hour workday, and, the generosity of our major suppliers who donated over 80% of the materials. Their contributions enabled our company to manufacture 10 chassis for charity. The proceeds from the sale of these chassis are being donated to a number of worthwhile organizations. Prominent among these worthwhile organizations is the Tuchman Foundation. The largest donation in the amount of $12,184.92 has been given to The Tuchman Foundation for the Parkinson Alliance.

Cheetah Chassis Corporation would like to thank Carol Walton, Executive Director of The Parkinson Alliance, for the very informative presentation given to the Cheetah Chassis team members on Parkinson's Disease Research.

For more information, please call The Parkinson Alliance at 1-800-579-8440


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