Porridge for Parkinson


Mexia, Texas

The organizing committee of Porridge for Parkinson's announced their fund-raising effort held March 21, 2003 in downtown Mexia at the Lion's Den.

The morning started out as most March mornings here in Texas, cool, dark, with the promise of a bright, warm day. The friends and neighbors which I have asked to help me were all on time and ready to work.

As we laid out the fixings for the oatmeal and started boiling the water my excitement began to build. Everyone seemed to fit right in to a slot and began working. Bill and Susan with the local radio station, KYCX-FM, had set up their equipment and were ready for broadcast exactly at 6:00 a.m. that morning.

Not only did we serve porridge, we also had taquitos as a handy alternative. We also had a sing-along going too.

All in all the morning was quite enjoyable and went way too fast. It was my distinct honor and pleasure to be able to raise funds for research this way.

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Mike Wolfe
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Frances and Martha
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Terry Bowers

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