Best Ever Acts Performed by the Central Coast Follies at 11th Annual Benefit for Parkinson’s Research


October 28, 2013—As part of the Central Coast Parkinson Support Group, the cast and crew of the Central Coast Follies have just completed performing at their 11th Annual Benefit for Parkinson’s Research on behalf of The Parkinson Alliance.  Held from October 5th to the 13th at the 600-seater Clark Center for the Performing Arts in Arroyo Grande, California, this year’s performances “ … were the best as of yet,” as described by Carol Walton, CEO of The Parkinson Alliance.  

Formed in 2003, the Central Coast Follies wanted to produce a benefit for a worthy cause that would help many people.  Since then, they’ve danced for a cure, to raise funds to help The Parkinson Alliance, finance the most promising research to find the cause and cure for Parkinson's disease.  

Directed by award winning director/choreographer, Jason Sumabat, the Follies performed to the theme of “Heroes ~ Villains and Other Fairy Tales.”  This year’s show was complete with two acts comprised of 43 performances by the Follies, who were supported by an amazing group of dancers and singers, local dance troupes, soloists, and suspended motion dancers.  

Over the last ten years, the Follies have donated over $250,000 (and still to be added on is the total from this year’s fundraiser) to The Parkinson Alliance for Parkinson’s research.

The Parkinson Alliance sincerely thanks the Central Coast Follies for their continued support of Parkinson’s research.  “Together, we are making an impact to help over 1 million people who are living with Parkinson’s disease.  So many performers, donors, sponsors, and volunteers have donated their time and talents on behalf of our organization—it’s incredible to see the Follies unite with their local community for our Parkinson’s cause,” says Carol Walton.  

The Follies are already planning on continuing the tradition of their annual benefit; their 2014 performance will be entitled "A Girl for All Seasons."

For more information on the Central Coast Follies, visit their website

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