Princeton Dance for Parkinson


DanceVision and The Parkinson Alliance® are pleased to announce another free six week series of the Princeton Dance for Parkinson (PDP) program.

Series Details
6-weeks of classes
Wednesdays beginning March 27th to May 1st, 2013
1-2:15 pm

DanceVision at PDT Studio, Forrestal Village, 116 Rockingham Row, Princeton, NJ 08540
Classes for this series will be FREE, though donations are encouraged
No dance experience necessary, all levels and can start anytime in the series!

For More Information and to Register
Please Contact or call (609) 520-1020.  

Reasons to Join Us

The classes empower those afflicted with Parkinson's disease, their partners, their caregivers, and friends to enjoy movement, music, and dance.

Manola, a PDP participant shared that, “It works for all levels of the disease and for caregivers as well. Each of us can participate in our own way, and be comfortable with each other.” Dr. Sydney & Roslyn Helfen, who have come together each time, added that, “It is the first activity we have found that is as much fun as it is vital for living with Parkinson’s disease. We look forward to it each week.”

“DanceVision’s mission is to enrich the community with quality dance experiences and we are thrilled to work with The Parkinson Alliance on producing this vital program for the community,” says Cadence Bowden, President of the DanceVision Board of Trustees.

Princeton Dance for Parkinson classes are based on the Dance for PD® program started at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn in 2001 and it has since been replicated in more than 40 other communities around the world. Classes are appropriate for anyone with PD, no matter how advanced. No prior dance experience is necessary.

There are only 100 dance teachers in the U.S. who have been trained by the Mark Morris Dance Group, Dance for PD® program, and are actively leading classes. The Princeton area is proud to have the following three: Marie Alonzo Snyder (EdD, MFA), Linda Mannheim (MFA, Med), and Debra Keller (BFA, CMA). All three have also continued their training with continuing education workshops. They will take turns co-leading the 75-minute class. Participants will explore elements of modern dance, ballet, social dancing, and repertory from each of the choreographer in an enjoyable, non-pressured environment that features live musical accompaniment.
The Parkinson Alliance has offered to match grants received by DanceVision Inc earmarked for Princeton Dance for Parkinson for the sole purpose of continuing this program.