5th Annual Guns Afire For Parkinson


What a beautiful day it was on Saturday, October 4, 2008!! Perfect weather for our "Clays For A Cure" fundraiser held at Northeast Alabama Sporting Clays, Ft. Payne, AL. We had about 33 participants with a young shooter, Matt Rigsby, breaking the most targets for the day. He was sponsored by Gary Hackney from Georgia. We collected several donations and are still collecting pledges. Terry Wideman of Hayden, AL attended the sporting clays shoot; and received a full sheet of pledges so he will bring a very impressive amount of donations into our fund for PD research. This is his third year to participate in our fundraiser. You can always depend on him to help with this event. He is interested in this event, because he has a family member that suffers from Parkinson's disease.

We had some new shooters this year but most of the shooters are our friends. My PD friends James Trussell and Steven Boyd from Rome, GA were there, and assisted me with the event. Also, several of my family members and friends were there to help support the fundraiser. It was an awesome day. Every year it has gone beyond my expectations. Lunch was provided by Medtronic. Their representative Mike Tapley attended the event, and he was very supportive. Mike is a shooter and plans to return to NEASCA to participate in some future event.

I am very grateful to all who helped with the PD event, and I say thank you from the bottom of my heart! A special thank you to my husband Dan Meenen for his devotion to me for 37 years. He has endured a lot of agony with me and never been defeated. If it weren't for my DBS surgery and his help, I would only be a memory or in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. But that is what I have to think about for the future if a cure is not found, because Parkinson's is a progressive disease. I have good days and bad, but I will never give up hope! It is a terribly debilitating disease. A lot of PD patients are not capable of dressing themselves, putting on our shoes, or buttoning our shirt or combing our hair. Just think about that, and there are so many young folks now who are afflicted with this disease that it is astounding. We must have research to find a cause and cure for this disease, and so many more neuro-degenerative diseases, i.e. MS, ALS, etc.

Carol B. Meenen
Senior Advisor for the Newly Diagnosed, Parkinson's Action Network and Founder of "Clays For A Cure" fundraiser.