Guns Afire For Parkinson


2nd Annual Charity Shoot & Fun Day!
Yellow Creek Sporting Clays
590 Yellow Creek Rd.
Langston, AL

HOSTED BY: Carol Meenen

Yellow Creek Sporting Clays, Langston, AL, hosted a Parkinson's Disease shoot Saturday, October 22, 2005. Danny and Carol Meenen, long time members of the sporting clays range, organized the Parkinson's fundraiser. Carol was diagnosed with the debilitating disease almost 13 years ago. She serves as the co-coordinator from Alabama with the Parkinson's Action Network. She is also a member of the Parkinson Association of Alabama and is being considered to become a board member of this group.

The only way to find a cure for the dreaded disease is through research, a costly process. Through the efforts of the Meenen family and their friends, especially Barbara and Bob Stabler of Yellow Creek Sporting Clays, $8,000 was collected but there are still pledges to be added. When the final amount is determined, it will be given to The Parkinson Alliance in Kingston, NJ where the total amount of funds will be matched by them; and used for research to help find a cure.


The photo is Carol with her first grandchild Sydney Lynne Meenen who was born August 3, 2005.