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The Parkinson Alliance proudly co-sponsored the March 15, 2003 Parkinson's Disease R21 Fast Track Meeting held in Washington D.C. during which investigators shared their exciting preliminary data on Parkinson's disease research. This meeting was vitally important for the unity of Parkinson's organizations and our common goal of finding a cure to Parkinson's. Complete information on the meeting is available here.

R21 "Fast Track" Program Awards $11 Million in Grants

The Parkinson Alliance and The Tuchman Foundation are proud to be part of an unprecedented collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and private Parkinson's organizations to jointly fund a program of $11 million in Parkinson's disease research grants. The R21 Fast Track Grant Program awarded 35 two-year grants making it the largest initiatives in the history of NIH's Parkinson's disease research.

The awards were made through an innovative streamlining of the NIH's normal grant process. The goal was to stimulate novel, or high impact approaches relevant to the cure, cause, prevention, or improved treatments of Parkinson's disease. The new process includes: (1) an emphasis on innovative projects; (2) an abbreviated application form; (3) an accelerated review and award process; and (4) a proven, multidisciplinary review committee.

A great deal of good has come out of this program. First and foremost, a large body of excellent research is being funded—an investment that will bear fruit for years to come. Second, a number of new investigators have been attracted to the Parkinson's disease research field. Third, a precedent has been established for a public-private partnership in Parkinson's that will lead to future initiatives. In addition, the Parkinson's community is truly working together on research. We are very proud to be working with NIH on this extraordinary collaborative project and believe it gets us one step closer to finding the cure by 2005.

In addition The Parkinson Alliance, the following Parkinson's nonprofits are helping fund the R21 Fast Grant Program:

Award Winners

The following researchers (listed in alphabetical order) have been awarded grants through the R21 program:

Alberto Ascherio, MD, PhD
Harvard University School of Public Health
Anne Messer, PhD
Wadsworth Center
Krys Bankiewicz, MD, PhD
University of California at San Francisco
David G. Morgan, PhD
University of South Florida
Marie Csete, PhD
University of Michigan
George A. Oyler, MD, PhD
University of Maryland at Baltimore
Lee A. Cunningham, PhD
University of New Mexico
Vincent A. Pieribone, PhD
John B. Pierce Laboratory, Inc.
Ted M. Dawson, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Lorraine O. Ramig, PhD
University of Colorado
Julie Desbarats, PhD
McGill University
Eric K. Richfield, MD, PhD
University of Rochester
Grigori Enikolopov, PhD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
David Ron, MD
New York University
Anthony L. Fink, PhD
University of California at Santa Cruz
Scott J. Sherman, MD, PhD
University of Arizona
Gary M. Fiskum, PhD
University of Maryland at Baltimore
Ann L. Smiley-Oyen, PhD
Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Peter T. Fox, MD
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Caryl E. Sortwell, PhD
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
Lawrence I. Golbe, MD
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
Michal K. Stachowiak, PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo
Su Guo, PhD
University of California at San Francisco
Chantal E. Stern, D.Phil
Boston University
Theo Hagg, MD, PhD
Dalhousie University
Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD
The Parkinson's Institute
John F. Houde, PhD
University of California at San Francisco
Takao Yagi, PhD
Scripps Research Institute
Peng Huang, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
Naoki Yoshimura, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Lorraine M. Iacovitti, PhD
Thomas Jefferson University
Susan Lindquist, PhD
University of Chicago
Jerilyn A. Logemann, PhD
Northwestern University


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